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The information given on our web site www.estetikatour.com is intended to improve, not to replace relationships between patients (or this web site visitors) and their doctors.

Plastic surgery in Tunisia

Reliable results, obtained after numerous plastic surgeries performed by a strictly selected group of Tunisian cosmetic surgeons. These surgeons collaborating with Estetika Tour International gained their reliability after performing certain surgeries repeatedly for many years. They are not only trained in recognized institutions in France and the United States but with several years of duty experience in those countries.
We propose safe and cautious performed cosmetic treatments.

Furthermore your plastic surgery will take place in a clinic known to be a reference. This cosmetic surgery clinic is one of the best clinic in Tunisia and is certified by the French expatriates security fund (C.N.A.M) as the advised medical centre for almost all French expatriates living in Tunisia.

Relying on plastic surgery in Tunisia is a decision to be made personally. Acquaintances or family members can sometimes misunderstand your needs and misjudge your decision to rely on aesthetical treatments.

Flying away to a traditional destination for two weeks of vacations can not generate unexpected questions neither out of relatives nor friends. They will for sure be glad to talk about eventual vacation plans or about last year’s trip to a dream destination.
Talking about plastic surgery in Tunisia at work or with some friends is something to avoid. Your intervention is strictly personal and confidential and most of the time you discuss with people you choose.

Actually combining a week vacations for relaxation before your intervention or a week for recovery with an aesthetical treatment is preferable in order to go back home freshly reshaped.
In Tunisia, you will be away from your acquaintances’ embarrassing questions.

Telling friends that you are going on vacations is the best way to avoid indiscreet questions. Neither liposuction nor breast augmentation will be the conversation subject. You will only talk about your holidays.

Undergoing it is simply for yourself in order to feel better and restore your sel esteem and quality of lifewith your new look and appearance

Cosmetic surgery in Tunsia with  Estetika Tour
Plastic surgery in Tunisia: New behaviour and new techniques
“Within the last thirty years plastic surgery in Tunisia has found its place in our traditions due to its physical anomalies corrector aspect and to its strength to body harmonizing especially woman’s body». Learn more about the interview issued in Femmes et réalités.
Notre epoqueLiposuction, hair implants, lifting 30 to 50% cheaper than in France, airline ticket and luxurious hotel stays included! Within few months Tunisia has become the new cosmetic surgery Eldorado”
Except the European ones attracted by the moderate cosmetic surgery prices, foreign patients who attend the (excellent) clinics….learn more about Catherine Simon Article issued in le Monde news paper on 24/04/01
AFP santé: Tunisia is looking forward to become the «health destination” for foreigners, in particular the British
AFP Santé
Tunisia is looking forward to become the Ā«health destination" for foreigners, in particular the British
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Estetika Tour International offer All inclusive cosmetic surgery in Tunisia at affordable prices with leading accredited cosmetic surgeons in a world class clinic for patients leaving in Western Countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweeden, Spain, Canada...) or in Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Koweit, United Emirates, Qatar, Libya...).