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Much cosmetic surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, which numbs affected and surrounding areas. Sometimes general anaesthesia is used; in which case you will be completely asleep under the watchful eye of a qualified anesthesiologist.

Whether general or local, anaesthesia is necessary. Generally it is always preferable to have it local to minimize risks. Short range general anaesthesia can be performed for some very anxious patients or due to surgeons’ preferences.

If the surgery takes more than three hours, it is always preferable to use general anaesthesia, especially when several parts of the body have to be treated during a single surgery

The patient should get full information about the type of anaesthesia during the pre surgery consultation with the surgeon. In fact it is a typical subject patient discuss trough a consultation for cosmetic surgery.

Al though the patient has to be under anaesthesia (local or general), the decision is made according to the type of surgery and essentially according to the patient’s preference.

The patient’s self-confidence is the major decision-making factor when it comes to being awake during the surgery in the case of local anaesthesia. Being awake in a surgical environment can be a handicap if the patient is anxious, so general anaesthesia, is highly recommended.

  Your anaesthesia will be performed by a certified anesthesiologist or doctor of anesthesia, trained in France. Your cosmetic surgeon will discuss with you which type of anaesthesia is best suited to your needs.

Despite the modern anaesthesias which are by far better than those used in the near past, the feeling of fatigue remains the major side effect after you awake from general anaesthesia. In the case of a local anaesthesia the patient will feel a local pain which will disappear within few hours. It is important to remember that the surgeon will advise you about the type of the recommended anaesthesia and of course can take the full responsible decision if you wish. responsible decision if you wish.

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