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 Estetika Tour


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The information given on our web site www.estetikatour.com is intended to improve, not to replace relationships between patients (or this web site visitors) and their doctors.

About us: Health Tourism Agency


Estetika Tour International aim to develop Tunisian health tourism (medical tourism and well being tourism). It offer the best services to its clients and to its partners: doctors, clinics, spa and thalassotherapy centers.

Company profile

2004 -Foundation of Estetika Tour which pioneered medical tourism in the French speaking world. We created the concept of cosmetic surgery at affordable prices and in all inclusive which attracted important french medias (TV and press). Fast Estetika Tour become a leader among french medical tourism agencies. We enlarged this concept to other elective surgeries (dental care, hair implants and obesity surgery)

2008 -Launch of our concept in neighbouring Arabic countries where medical tourists do not use the services of a medical tourism agency and use of Internet is marginal. For Arabic countries we enlarged our offer to all medical specialities.

2010 - To enter health tourism market which include medical and well being tourism we completed our medical tourism offer by well being products especially Thalassotherapy and Spa packages combined with cultural products.

2011- To extend our health tourism offer to other countries we joined Help Travel Card a German initiative for an international network of selected incoming agencies who serves FIT market.

Message to our hosts

It is always surprising to know that for a small emerging country, some Tunisian doctors have an international recognition and that Tunisia is ranked second (after France) for the world thalassotherapy market !

As globalization is emerging, each country puts forward its assets to the rest of the world. Thanks to tremendous investments authorized as well by the public sector as by the private one in training and equipment, combined with a standard of living lower than that in Europe incontestably Tunisian medicine has a competitive advantage.

But do not expect a “low cost” medical procedures because health is not sold out!
You will profit from surgeries procedures (cosmetic and plastic surgery, hair transplant, dental care and thalassotherapy cure ) with a superior quality price ratio than what is usually offered in Europe. In addition to that we include a trip as well as post surgery care.
Our surgeons graduated in France, as well as in the USA and are recognized by the Tunisian board of doctors. You will feel free to choose your surgeon.

Moreover and to ensure the maximum success of your medical or well being care in Tunisia, we set up:

- an honest, rigorous and protected information exchange system between the patient and the surgeon. 
- a guarantee of a free intervention in case of resumption or unsatisfactory results,

We invite you, to scrupulously observe our information exchange procedure and to avoid any hurry in your choice. Your health and our reputation are at stake.

Take care of your self,

Managing Director
Amor Dehissy

+ 216 58 354 898



Estetika Tour : Head Office - 8 rue Claude Bernard- Tunis 1002 - Tunisia Medical Tourism agency Licensed by Tunisian Tourism National Board. Phone : +216 71 894 006  E-mail : estetikatourtunis@gmail.com Viber 0021658354907 viber
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Estetika Tour International offer All inclusive cosmetic surgery in Tunisia at affordable prices with leading accredited cosmetic surgeons in a world class clinic for patients leaving in Western Countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweeden, Spain, Canada...) or in Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Koweit, United Emirates, Qatar, Libya...).