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The information given on our web site www.estetikatour.com is intended to improve, not to replace relationships between patients (or this web site visitors) and their doctors.

Plastic surgery in Tunisia: Step by step guide

This step by step guide of our services and the required informations for the treatment of your medical files are important for you as well as for our cosmetic surgeons. It is the key to the success of our relationship and your treatment.

Because we pay a great deal that you will be well informed in order to take a voluntary decision we are at your entire disposal to answer any questions during all pre and post surgery steps.

Please read attentively reading this guide.

Step 1 : Free consultation

At your request, a free consultation is offered and you will receive an all inclusive package detailed quotation including:

1- Your initial request 

2- Surgeon’s diagnosis with a specific detailed proposed surgery, the required anaesthetic type, the minimum clinic post surgery days in Tunis, convalescence days and the medical check-up list you are supposed to undergo before coming to Tunisia.

3- Detailed journey package 

4- Package total cost fpr your plastic surgery in Tunis

Requested documents:

1 - Cosmetic surgery consultation form

2 - Three to four digital pictures (jpeg, gif...) of your body areas you want to treat (face, back and profiles). To protect your personal data your pictures can be loaded when filling the consultation form. If you do not have them ready while filling your request you can upload them in your private account on our web site or send them later via e-mail to: estetikatourtunis@gmail.com
Or have them mailed to: 17 rue Ahmed Rami - 1002 Tunis   - Tunisia

Step 2 : Request accepted & pre surgery check-up

You will be informed as soon as the surgeon would have given his primary agreement to perform the intervention. You will then be able to obtain your quotation on our web site using your password.
Once you decide to have your surgery you will have to do the medical check-ups detailed in your quotation before coming to Tunisia.
Actually you can inform your family physician who will tell you about your surgery and about any counter indication after consulting your check-up results and therefore give you a certificate to emphasis his positive advice or any counter indication mentioned by doctors who supervised your medical check-ups.
Do not forget to bring your tests results over. They will be requested during your pre surgery consultation.

Step 3 : An enlightened decision

After a thorough study of your medical files or check-ups the surgeon can:

  • accept to perform the surgery,
  • ask for complementary tests,
  • cancel the surgery.

If his decision is positive, you will have to:

-  Must take at least a one week reflexion time before taking any decision about your surgery..

- To sign the enlightened mutual consent document

Remember that you are the only person to whom belongs the final decision. Meanwhile, during the period of reflexion you are welcome to discuss any questions via e-mail or over the phone openky and honestly. We are there to answer all your questions.
And you can communicate personnaly with your surgeon.

Step 4 : Reservation confirmation

Once you are convinced, decided and ready to confirm your reservation, we kindly ask you to send us a copy of your booking flight. Since no down payment is required, your plastic surgery booking will be confirmed only when your flight is booked. We recommend that you book your flight at least two weeks before your arrival date to allow us to coordinate your stay and surgery under the best conditions

Required documents:

Flight booking confirmation details.

Step 5 : Arrival at the airport and transfer

You will be welcomed at Tunis Carthage international airport driven by a personal assistant to ensure your privacy.
If your intervention is scheduled for the day after your arrival you will be taken directly to the clinic
If you are planning to enjoy some days of relaxation you will be driven to your hotel.
We perfectly understand that once you are away from home you need some assistance. That is why upon your arrival, a personal assistant will be there to assist you duringyour stay. He will treat you as a friend.

Step 6 : Clinic check in

If your surgery is scheduled for the day after your arrival you will be directly taken to the clinic
If you are planning to enjoy some days of relaxation you will be driven to your hotel.
In both cases you will be admitted in the clinic one day prior to your surgery.
Pre medication is administered in certain cases

Step 7 : Pre operative consultation

Your pre operative consultation with your surgeon and anaesthetist is generally scheduled as soon as possible. You have to submit the medical tests results and the surgeon of your choice will have to answer all questions in a satisfactory and comprehensible way. Your agreement is a very important step. You must discuss the possible alternative and assimilate the eventual risks of the surgery before signing the consent document. Neither you nor your surgeon is under any unspecified obligation until after your pre operative consultation. Therefore you can change your mind if you do not feel ready for the surgery.

Step 8 : Payment

Once you took the decision to have your surgery you will kindly be invited to pay your bill.
The outstanding amount (after payment of your flight which appears in your quotation under the item “Total amount flight excluded”) will have to be paid after your consultation in Tunisia and your consent to have the surgery, and before your surgery. We will gladly accept the payments, in cash, bank transfers or your bank guaranteed check

Step 9: The surgery

Your plastic surgery will take place one day after your arrival (except for those arriving on Saturdays).
In case your surgery can not take place for any reason; you can not pretend to any refund. Due to our sharp and strict regulations regarding request handling this case is of very weak probability

Step 10: Recovery

A comfortable package was prepared for your recovery and certain meals and optional therapeutic massages, such as liposuctions lymphatic drainage, can be prescribed to eliminate and soften post surgery pains.

Step 11 : Back home post surgery- Follow up

Considering that your recovery is very important to us, we encourage you to keep in touch with Estetika Tour when you return back home. Medical postop follow-up consultations via e-mails or over the phone are available constantly in addition to consultations with recommended surgeons in your country if necessary.

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