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The information given on our web site www.estetikatour.com is intended to improve, not to replace relationships between patients (or this web site visitors) and their doctors.


Avoiding risky interventions generating long endless follow-up is something agreed upon by our surgical team to avoid and minimize resumption premises. Resumption however must always be considered by the physician.

Estetika Tour International policy:

In case of evident resumption: There is an immediate solution for every complication in order to put things back to normal.This fact is agreed upon by our team.
The patient’s stay in Tunisia will be free of charge.
The patient’s follow up is assured by one of our referent France based physicians in case the treatments duration exceeds the patient’s stay duration.
The post recovery new intervention is fully in charge of Estetika Tour International if revealed necessary. The decision has to be made after an evaluation about the necessary actions to be done, made by one of our partner doctors (see modalities on the right).

Obvious unsatisfactory results : A photo basis evaluation is made. If the result’s insufficiency is obvious, the new intervention is taken in charge by Estetika Tour International.
If the case is litigious we will refer to a board certified, qualified cosmetic surgeon chosen by the patient in his country. The surgeon’s report will have to be returned to the surgeon who performed the intervention via Estetika and if a new surgery is recommended; it will be taken in charge by Estetika (see modalities on the right).

Capsular contracture: They are not considered as complications but as abnormal side effects. Major journey and treatment costs remain at the patient’s charge.

These transparency based statements are contractual

Due to its bright image and its patients’ special status Estetika Tour International is committed to offer outstanding handling and follow up services to all patients.

Resumption modalities
Our guarantee covers :
- Clinic, surgeon fees, anaesthetist, clinic stay, implants or panty costs if needed

- Hotel stay in comfort formula (for the patient only), transfers and excluding flights.
In Tunisia like elsewhere all over the world the surgeon’s commitment is limited to the means and what ever necessary for the surgery and not to success of the intervention.
In case of a technical problem or a surgeon’s mistake the patient can bring his case to justice provided he can prove the nature of the mistake or the problem.
The surgeon can not be sued if the results simply do not meet the patient’s expectations.
Because we respect our patients we anticipated in full agreement with all our partners and set up a guarantee system covering the new intervention in case of resumption accordingly with the conditions explained above.
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Estetika Tour International offer All inclusive cosmetic surgery in Tunisia at affordable prices with leading accredited cosmetic surgeons in a world class clinic for patients leaving in Western Countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweeden, Spain, Canada...) or in Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Koweit, United Emirates, Qatar, Libya...).