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FAQ about cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

Medical safety and credibility | Surgical guarantee | Hidden costs | Cancellation | Overnigths stay in clinic | The English language | Mobile Phone | Weather | Water | Power/Voltage | Currencies | Visa
Vers le hautMedical safety and credibility

I was advised not to have my intervention abroad to avoid possible high risks caused by bad surgery and complications that may take place. I heard that in certain cases surgeons do not keep in touch with patients to help them once they are back home. How does Estetika Tour insure quality?

Estetika Tour made agreements with some of the best Tunisian plastic surgeons. As you will find out they were all certified by French and American universities and are all formally recognized by the Tunisian doctors' board. All the high technology equipment used is imported from Europe or the United States. Please refer to the Clinic of la Marsa page for further information

Estetika Tour offer a guarantee in the unlikely event of non success: the new intervention is free of charge.

Vers le hautSurgical guarantee

What do you mean by corrective surgery, and why would I need it after my surgery?

Complications may occur, as once you are back home and your body can possibly react to the treatments you had. Typically a complication is not automatically due to surgery quality but can of course be the direct result of your post surgery body reaction.

In this case it is possible that a corrective surgery is needed to rectify the complication. When a complication erupts you should contact ESTETIKA tour immediately to seek advice. When the problem can not be explained by phone to the surgeon, we will direct you to a local surgeon or you may consult with your personal or family physician.

After this consultation you can be brought to undergo a corrective surgery at Estetika Tour expenses (the flight expenses remain your responsibility). You will benefit from the same hotel facilities and services than during your initial stay. This is our long run guarantee

Vers le hautHidden costs

Are there any hidden costs in your offer ?

No, with our all inclusive formula you will know what you’ll have to pay in advance
The amount you only have to pay is the amount shown on your quotation.
Estetika Tour will arrange all journey related details (airline ticket, flight insurance, all transfers, plastic surgery and hotel stay in Tunis Tunisia).
Any option that you may choose trough our form (mobile phone etc…) will be invoiced but nothing more.
Once you arrive in Tunis, certain additional services can be applied for. We will let you, know about the cost and sign the invoice from the very start. Then you will only pay for the services you signed for.

Vers le hautCancellation

What happens in case of cancellation ?

All depends on the reason. If the reason is covered by our insurance, cancellation will be refunded. Meanwhile your 10% down payment is non refundable. In deed this down payment covers the common administration and insurance charges as soon as you pay it.

Although paid in advance the services price total amount will not be refunded if the cancellation reasons are not covered by our insurance.

Can I expect to be refunded in the case I decide to cancel my intervention after arriving in Tunis?

If your intervention is cancelled due to the surgeon’s advice, Estetika Tour will only refund ninety per cent of the surgery cost (the 10 % are the common cost of the admission and our administrative expenses.
If once arrived, you decide not to undergo the intervention for any reason other than the surgeon’s recommendations, Estetika Tour will not refund any payment..

Vers le hautOvernight’s stay in clinic

Why do you recommend a one or two overnights’ clinic stay?

The very simple reason, for which we recommend you to stay one or two nights in the private clinic, is that we can offer you this facility as the best place to recover. A professional medical team as well services you may need will be constantly available.

In addition, a surgery (no matter what type it is) can be emotionally exhausting for any patient. We are conscious that being surrounded by a team who can answer all questions during the recovery period is usually appreciated by the patients and more comfortable for them.
Exorbitant prices are the main reason behind patients preferring not to spend overnights In Europe or the United States. In our partner clinic you can stay as long as you wish.

…… Any how we want to make sure that the surgeon is satisfied with your post surgery body reactions before leaving the clinic.

Vers le hautEnglish language

Will I need an interpreter?

No. The consultations with your surgeon will be done in English like your interactions with the employees of the private clinic and your hotel of stay.

Vers le hautMobile phone

Will it be there any additional costs when using a mobile phone ?

You will be charged 6 dinars /day (4 euros)
The calls are prepaid. You will have thirty Dinars credit to use freely. You can make local and international calls. For additional credit, scratch cards are available at any mobile phone retailer or you can refer to the customer manager.

All these useful numbers will be preset in your mobile phone.

  • Estetika Tour local number
  • Your personal assistant number
  • 24 hours emergency number
  • Your hotel number
  • the private hospital
Vers le hautWeather

What type of clothes do I have to bring with me ?

Tunisia enjoys a moderate Mediterranean climate

Vers le hautWater

Is tub water drinkable?

Tub water quality is good; you can prepare tea or coffee and brush your teeth with no problem although drinking mineral water is a current practice.

Vers le haut Power / voltage

Can I use my electrical appliances in Tunisia?

Power voltage is 220v -50 Hz.
It is not necessary to have adaptors to use your European apparatuses.. 

Vers le hautCurrencies

What currencies are used in Tunisia?

The Tunisian currency is the DINAR (TND).the Tunisian government is maintaining the dinar coupled to the euro with an exchange rate of 1.55 TND for 1 euro.
You can not buy the Tunisian dinar outside of Tunisia. You only have to exchange your money in banks where all currencies are accepted.
You can exchange you money in the hotel, the airport or at some bank related money exchanges offices in the down town area

Vers le hautVisa

Do I need a visa to visit Tunisia ?

Maghreb countries, European Union countries, USA and Canada citizens do not need a visa to enter Tunisia for up to three months stay. Other countries citizens please refer to us.

Passport : A valid passport is needed for all persons entering Tunisia as individual traveller.

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