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The information given on our web site www.estetikatour.com is intended to improve, not to replace relationships between patients (or this web site visitors) and their doctors.

Cosmetic surgery preoperative consultation

What for ?

When it comes to cosmetic surgery the good relationship between the surgeon and the patient is more than essential. The surgeon will evaluate the patient’s demands and see whether they are realistic or not. During this meeting a link of confidence and mutual understanding is established between them. This meeting consists of:

The interrogatory

During this meeting the surgeon will ask deep questions to get the maximum of information concerning the patient in order to propose the best appropriate solutions. There will be an inquiry for:
Patient’s personal incentives, expectations, specific expectations (personal, Professional).the surgeon will perform optimal hearing in order to understand and detect all misunderstanding or wrong interpretations to check the patient’s psychological stability and avoid an abusive surgery.

Clinical check-up

This over all check will be based on a blood pressure routine check focused essentially on the patient’s surgery, skin colour and status, spider veins or more precisely breast ptosis. or rhinoplasty, etc...

  • Previous surgeries, which can give an indication about scarring quality.
  • Personal and family medical treatment heritage. It is very important for the surgeon to know all about the medical history of the patient( diabetes, high blood pressure .. etc )
  • Drug treatment, in case the patient is suffering from a chronicle disease and takes products which can be hazardous for the surgery. Aspirin related drugs can be a direct cause for excessive bleeding during and after the surgery.
Cosmetic surgery preoperative consultation
Surgery modalities

The surgeon will explain all the procedure sequences and simply point out its results. It goes without saying that he will remind the patient that undergoing a cosmetic procedure is with no doubt relying on surgery. This procedure may cause local or general unpredictable complications (swelling, infections). It is a deontological duty to make sure that patients get the right clear information.

Pre surgery check-up

A specified check-up for every patient and every type of surgery is needed. It consists of:
For all types of surgery:

  • Routine Blood and Urine tests
  • A Cardiologic assessment including a cardiovascular examination with an electrocardiogram (ECG) if you are 40 or more.
  • A Chest X-Ray Film if you are 50 or more, if you are a smoker or suffer from any lung disease or if you had your last chest X-Ray more than two years ago.
  • For those with chronic disease, a pre anaesthesia check-up will be mandatory. This document must be sent and submitted to our anaesthesiology team for agreement.

In addition to the above mentioned check-ups

  • for a breast surgery a recent breast x ray (mammography) is needed.
  • for a blepharoplasty you need to submit an eye check up especially if the patient suffered from ophthalmologic diseases (dry syndrome or glaucoma).
In cosmetic surgery it is recommended to visit at least two cosmetic surgeons before taking your decision.
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