<p><a href="chirurgie_esthetique_tunisie.php">Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia</a> </p> <h1>Confidentiality</h1> <h2>Confidentiality for on-line cosmetic surgery consultation</h2> <p><a href="/augmentation_mammaire.php">petits seins</a> <a href="/reduction_mammaire.php">hypertrophie des seins</a> <a href="/traitement_chirurgie_esthetique.php">chirurgie esthetique</a> <a href="/traitement_chirurgie_esthetique.php">chirurgie esthetique</a> <a href="/traitement_chirurgie_esthetique.php">esthetique visage</a> <a href="/liposuccion.php">liposuccion</a> Estetika Tour specialiste en chirugie esthetique, en blepharoplastie, en genioplastie, chirugie mammaire, rhinoplastie, abdominoplastie, liposuccion et lipoaspiration des graisse</p>
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The information given on our web site www.estetikatour.com is intended to improve, not to replace relationships between patients (or this web site visitors) and their doctors.


Estetika Tour International fundamentally respects privacy and confidentiality is definitely a value to us. In order to offer our best services to our clients we need to get some personal information.

Keen to provide maximum safety and preserve full confidentiality Estetika Tour instituted a highly safe data handling system on the Internet.
All Internet users know how risky it is when sometimes documents are sent via the net. They also know the existing possibility of mail interception, or wrong directed mails. Personal computers are not always safe from any type of spy ware and viruses.

To avoid any kind of dilemma Estetika Tour insured that:

  • Your data is accessible only to your surgeon and anaesthetist. They also have to enter all files related to their activity with Estetika Tour using a password.
  • All formularies and photos are loaded directly within your personal secure private space on our web site.
  • Your quotation is not sent by e-mail. It is accessible on our web site when using your password.
  • No need to store and register you request (formularies, photos and quotation) in your personal computer. You can check up your request or quotation at anytime from any computer connecting to our web site and using your password.

This highly secure and safe system is offered to protect patients’ data and help them accede to their requests easily. Nevertheless if you wish to change or delete any information related to your request please let us know by writing to: estetikatourtunis@gmail.com

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Estetika Tour International offer All inclusive cosmetic surgery in Tunisia at affordable prices with leading accredited cosmetic surgeons in a world class clinic for patients leaving in Western Countries (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Sweeden, Spain, Canada...) or in Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Koweit, United Emirates, Qatar, Libya...).